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There is no greater compliment than a referral to your family and friends.

We are thankful for your warm support!

Please consider sharing your experience on Google - these kind gestures keep small private medical offices alive.

Dr. Ricaurte has taken care of my entire family for over 15 years.

We all adore her! She has especially inspired my daughters with her sensitivity and grace.  Plus our allergies have never been better.

Elizabeth, Northfield

It is impossible to express how Dr. Kimberly Ricaurte has changed our children's lives by treating my son and daughter's food allergies with SLIT.

They are now allergy free, and we are eternally grateful!

Toni, Wilmette

Dr. Ricaurte discovered a potentially life-threatening heart murmur in my teen daughter at her routine seasonal allergy check up.  Within 3 weeks she had heart valve replacement.  Brilliant!

Susan, Kenilworth

Desperate for help with my son's severe peanut allergy after multiple scares, we found Dr. Kim Ricaurte.  She calmed and reassured my son & us with her patience and approach.  He has completed peanut OIT and is now in college "free eating" peanut without fear. Her skills are priceless.

Mark & Trish, Glencoe

Despite my office being in Chicago, Dr. Kim Ricaurte was always my go-to for my sinus and asthma problems. She always accommodated my schedule and treated me promptly, professionally, and effectively.  Took great care of my wife and parents as well over the years.  She is a gem.

Brent, Winnetka

Dr. Kimberly Ricaurte
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