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Concierge Option

Individualized care created to achieve your goals!

Disillusioned with “corporate” medicine offerings & struggling to navigate poorly managed multi-gated access to your physician?   Our personalized approach will ease your mind and soul.  Although Dr. Ricaurte is contracted with most insurance providers, she also understands that many patients require (or desire) a higher level of care.  Our “hybrid model” of delivering medical care allows for the option of using your insurance or choosing a “self-pay” option – whichever suits the needs of you or your family best. 

With high deductibles common, the discounts available for our Concierge services are often more affordable.

And welcome back the “house call”!  As a member of the greater Barrington community,  Dr. Ricaurte can often offer that time honored service, should your urgent needs fall outside of regular business hours.

Flexibility is the rule – while we understand you may not choose to commit to the 100% Concierge package option, we provide complete price transparency allowing you the option of choosing your method of billing.  Fortunately, with our food allergy treatment programs, certain required appointments and monitoring are billable through your insurance, as are most laboratory screening tests.

Certain services are not covered by insurance, and are always self-pay.  These include SLIT (sublingual immunotherapy), OIT (oral immunotherapy), and recommendation for Medical Cannabis card benefits.

Other benefits to our Concierge services include guaranteed same-day appointments, prolonged visits, discounts, and other perks.

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